TUCA Picnic Aug. 29th

Our annual picnic will be held at historic Fort Monroe this year. As you may be aware, Fort Monroe will be closed as a military installation in 2011. The TUCA Board wanted to provide our membership an opportunity to visit this historic location before that closure occurs. Fort Monroe was named in honor of President James Monroe and is the largest stone fort built in the United States. Since our picnic is held in association with the anniversary of Ukrainian independence, having the celebration at the place known as “Freedom's Fortress” seemed appropriate. Fort Monroe is an active military installation that controls all traffic that comes on the base. If you are associated with the military (CAC Card, Active Duty ID or Retired ID) and your vehicle has a current DOD sticker: all people in the vehicle over 18 years old must have a government issued picture ID (such as a driver's license). 2

If your vehicle does not have a current DOD sticker: you must get a vehicle pass at the entry check point that will require both the current valid vehicle registration and proof of vehicle insurance (both required by Virginia law to be in the vehicle) and all people in the vehicle over 18 years old must have a government issued picture ID (such as a driver's license).

Very important – they will not allow you on the post without a valid picture ID, so please double check before you set out for the picnic. Good idea to double check your vehicle documents also.

Directions: The exit to take from Route 64 is Exit 268. For people driving from Williamsburg, this is the last exit before the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. For people coming from Virginia Beach, this is the first exit after you have driven through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.

  • Take Exit 268 for Mallory St toward VA-169 E/Ft Monroe 0.2 mi
  • Turn left at S Mallory St drive 0.4 mi
  • Turn right at E Mellen St drive 0.7 mi

Stop at Guard Control Point = Large White Canopy = the road now is named McNair Drive. After passing through the Guard Control Point, drive straight ahead on McNair Drive toward the Chamberlin Hotel. Water will always be on your right side in the drive to the picnic area. The road will make a left turn just before the Chamberlin Hotel, from this point it is 2 miles straight ahead to Picnic Area 4 (you will pass the Fort Monroe Officer's Club before arriving at the picnic area). You will be on Fenwick Road during this 2 mile drive.

If lost, ask for directions to Dog Beach because in order to get there, you will drive past the picnic area.

TUCA will be providing the standard of hot dogs and hamburgers (plus plates, forks, etc). We ask that you bring your own beverages. If you wish to bring some additional side dishes, these items would be appreciated.

We will hold any necessary business and membership meeting at approximately 2 PM.

Things to Do: Within the picnic area, there is children's play ground equipment. The area is near water front and sand dunes for just pleasant walking.

There are beach areas with lifeguards within one mile of the picnic area.

The Casemate Museum is open from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM and is FREE. We encourage the membership to visit this wonderful place. Do it before the TUCA Picnic and you will probably discover other great places to visit.

The Chamberlin Hotel is available for a walk through of the lobby and spectacular views of the Hampton Roads Waterways.

Just drive around and view the historical buildings. We will have pamphlets from the Casemate Museum that highlight some of the significant things to see as part of a 90 minute walking tour.

Special Instructions: Do not speed on the installation. There is a military police detachment on the installation that does not have much (if any) crime to investigate. Apprehending speeders is an exciting event. Please obey the posted speed limits to the posted limit.