Poetry Inspired by Art


On November 22,during an exhibition of Small Works: Miniatures by Tidewater Artists at The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center in Hampton, there was a session titled Poetry Inspired by Art,sponsored by the Center. Since Elaine Hampton had her "Donetsk Madonna" on display, Oksana Makowiec presented two poems inspired by Elaine's art. During the presentation Oksana read her poems in Ukrainian while Olena Boyko read the translated versions in English. Prior to presenting the poems, Oksana had the following remarks:

Intercession of the Virgin Mary

These poems came to me as I was contemplating on the historical theme of the Mother of Christ and the Ukrainian nation.

It so happens in Ukrainian history, still from the era of the Kozaks in the 16th century, that the Blessed Mother of God has been venerated as the Protector of Ukraine. And so up to the present era. After so many tragedies inflicted on Ukraine in the last years, on the important holy feast day of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary, the President of Ukraine officially designated October 14th as the "Day of the Defender of Ukraine", a new state holiday.

Through these difficult past years, all soldiers, military, first responders, those who served in Chernobyl, the Revolution of Dignity on the Maidan in Kyiv, on the front lines of the war in Donetsk, all are placed under the protective mantle of the Mother of God, who is asked to intercede on their behalf with her Son, Jesus Christ.

The Virgin Mary is also the Protector and Guardian of women: mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters, so an icon of Her image is very popular and can be found in every home, in every region of Ukraine and many traditions have formed in Her honor.

These creative impulses evolve in artists  to represent icons of the Virgin Mary in various interpretations. Artist Elaine Hampton created the evocative "Donetsk Madonna" to focus on the tragedy of eastern Ukraine. It may be that this "Donetsk Madonna" wants the world to know that she stands among and with the defenders on the front lines. She suffers with them, she fills their hearts with hope and faith, as God and Truth is on their side.


The author, Oksana Makowiec, during the reading of her poetry.


Inspired by Elaine Hampton’s art work “Madonnas”

 Спаси мене, Боже всесильний.  Спаси й одверни від гріха. Не дай же потрапить у відчай, Як доля чатує лиха.

 В тяжку і підступну хвилину Неспокій нелегко знести... Врятуй, о мій Боже єдиний, Помилуй, щоб серце спасти.

Спокуси - на кожному кроці Нас зваблюють й нищать в житті. Не покинь мене, Боже Всевишній, Храни й бережи в хвилі ті.

Лиш віра свята допоможе У серці любов віднайти. Молю Тебе, праведний Боже, Щоденне життя берегти.

Poem by Oksana Makowiec

FAITH AND PRAYER (translation)

 Save me, O God almighty.

 Protect and save from sin.

 Do not let fall into the same despair

 As fate watches disasters.

 In the difficult and treacherous Minute

 Trouble hard to demolish ...

 Save, O God,

 The only mercy to save the heart.

 Temptations - at every turn

 And entice us to destroy life.

 Do not forsake me, O God Almighty,

 Save and to keep my love.

 Surely faith in the midst of the holiday

 Will find love perfected.

 Beseech thee, O righteous God

 Daily life protected.

Poem by Oksana Makowiec


Inspired by Elaine Hampton’s art work “Madonnas”

 В молитві, до Тебе звертаюся знову, О, Мати предвічного Слова!

 Пречиста заступнице наша пред Богом, О, вимоли ласку від Сина Святого.

 Накрий нас, Владичице Неба, Чудовим своїм омофором. Спаси, заступи від лихої напасті. Не дай-бо спіткнутись В життєвих дорогах, І в невість гріховну упасти.

В молитвах щохвилі звертаюсь до Тебе, О, Мати Предвічного Бога!

Poem by Oksana Makowiec


 In prayer, to You again I turn

 O,  Mother of the Everlasting Word!

 Blessed Protectress, our intercessor before God

 O, beseech favor from your Holy Son.

 Cover us, Queen of Heaven

 With your wondrous aegis

 Save, protect us from evil attacks

 Prevent our stumbles 

 On pathways of life

 And with sin to fall into eternal darkness.

 In prayers, at every moment, I appeal to You

 Oh, Mother of the Everlasting God

Poem by Oksana Makowiec


"Donetsk Madonna"

art work by Elaine Hampton.


Oksana Makowiec (right) with TUCA President, Olena Boyko.