November 7, 2015 - Holodomor Memorial Dedication (Washington, DC)


The dedication ceremony for the Ukrainian Holodomor Memorial in Washington, DC will be held on November 7, 2015 on the corner of N. Capitol St. and Massachusetts Ave. Other events will take place during that weekend, starting from a Holodomor Exhibit Benefit Reception on Friday, November 6 at Union Station, to Divine Liturgies and a Commemorative Concern at George Washing University on Sunday, November 8.

Several people from the Hampton Roads area will be traveling to Washington, DC for these events.

If you have any questions, please contact Olena Boyko, TUCA President <> (804 758 5497), or the US Holodomor Committee in Washington, DC <> (202 547 0018 or 212 228 6840).

DC Holodomor Dedication

Photos from the dedication ceremony


Crowds gather outside Union Station in Washington, D.C. to hear Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko give his address live from Kyiv.


Several thousand people, from various parts of the U.S., attended the ceremony.


Representative Marcy Kaptur from Ohio, co-chair of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus, was one of the guests to address the audience.


Personal testimony from a Holodomor survivor, Alexander Severyn.


"Sorrow and pain turns into strength."


TUCA member Ivan Semeniv in attendance at the dedication.


TUCA Treasurer Wally Melnitchouk also in the audience.


Crowds gather at the site of the nearby monument for its blessing by Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic priests.


Special exhibit about the Holodomor inside Union Station. The exhibit was on display between November 1 and 14.

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