Kremenchuk Playground Project

We have just been informed that the new playground at the Kremenchuk "baby house" orphanage will be constructed and dedicated on May 19, 2009.  We can all celebrate this event since so many of us have made substantial monetary contributions to make this happen.  My family and I are extremely grateful to all TUCA members who contributed to this project, even to those who didn't.  It is especially meaningful to me because my two grand sons came from this Kremenchuk orphanage and because at its completion the playground will be dedicated to Zina's memory.  In addition to thanking all of you, I would also like to send a special thanks to Nataliya Khomyak and to her employer.  Natalia managed to get a grant of $4500 from "Orphan's Promise" a branch of CBN to get the project fund over the top.  Of course most thanks go to the staff and members of "An Orphan's Bright Star" who originated this project and kept it going for almost two years, and this is just one of their many projects. Supposedly someone will videotape the construction and dedication of the playground, so possibly we may be able to get a copy of the DVD and see it all ourselves.  Once again, thank you everyone! 

Submitted by Andy Grynewytsch