Echoes of the Orange Revolution

Echoes of the Orange Revolution - Songs of a Nation Reborn Dr. Olga Cehelska, director of Echoes of Ukraine, presented a piano and bandura music of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, on Sunday, May 15th, 2005, at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Virginia Beach. This hands on, one woman show, was presented with humor, artistry, and great pride in the historical achievements of a country once called "The Bread Basket of Europe", but which lost millions to the genocide famine of Josef Stalin in 1933. Present in Ukraine in 2001, at the beatification of two of her uncles by Pope John Paul II, Olga shares a universal message through her songs, and no one who hears her story of the Orange Revolution will leave the same.

Ukrainian duet - Olga Cehelska with Lee Dydiw in performance.

A wreath show and tell.

Dr. Cehelska in performance.

Lee Dydiw in performance.

Story behind the Orange Revolution - "Razom nas bahato (Together we are many)"

Bandura and costume from Kyiv.

With Bandura and guitarist Lee Dydiw.

More information on Echoes of Ukraine can be obtained from Dr. Olga Cehelska by email at OMCstudio[AT]