Bust of Stalin Unveiled in Bedford, VA.

Despite protests from the Board of Supervisors, local congressman, veterans and survivors of multiple eastern European nations enslaved by Communism, the D-DAY Memorial Foundation has seen fit to include a bust of Stalin to join the sculptures of Franklin Roosevelt, Charles De Gaulle and Winston Churchill in the National D-Day Memorial Park in Bedford, Va. This event has sparked outrage and is a slap in the face to the memory of the millions who perished by torture, execution, starvation or deportation under the direct orders of Stalin. While statues of Stalin are being destroyed even in his birth city in Georgia, the D-DAY Foundation, on June 6th, has bestowed this honor on one of the greatest murderers of his own people in history. They claim it serves an "educational mission" and being a private foundation, they have no intention of removing it.

Thanks to articles and editorials in the Washington Post, Richmond Dispatch, Fox News and many other media outlets, this travesty has been widely disseminated and petitions of protests to have it removed have proliferated. Stalin and the Red Army were not only not involved in D-DAY operations, but were allied with Germany at the start of WW II. To most Americans, his presence is not educational but offensive.

To voice your protest, go to the petition site, www.stalinstatue.com. Opposition is growing and the only way to remove the statue now is by public pressure.

There is hope that the National Parks Service will take over the memorial in the future and eliminate this obscenity from the Virginian landscape.

Submitted by Olena Boyko.